Conversations over Milk & Cookies Episode Links

Episode 1 - Marlena Hand 
"Find out who  Marlena would sing a duet with."

Episode 2 -Teri Garringer
"Find out why Teri drops F-bombs."

Episode 3- Kathryn Treat
"Find out why Kathryn would date Brad Pitt."

Episode 4 -Leisl Kaberry
"Find out what Leisl does not put in her cookies."

Episode 5 -Beem Weeks
"Find out what Beem is doing when he's not Googling himself"

Episode 6 - Bruce A. Borders
"Find out what Bruce thinks of doughnut without holes"

Episode 7 - Wendy Storer
"Find out what Wendy did to true love."

Episode 8 - Katie Hayoz
"Find out what Katie is hiding in a Swiss bank vault"

Episode 9 - Janice G. Ross
"Find out what Janice puts in her 'Cultural Cocktails' drink."

Episode 10 - Nonnie Jules
"The one with the PRESIDENT..."
"Find out why Nonnie requires Ninja to wear bullet-proof vest on a date."

Episode 11 - Dale Furse
Find out why Dale wants to 'talk like lovers do.'

Episode 12 - Dawn Skyy
Find out if Dawn can beat the Ninja using 'Bear Spray'.

Episode 13 - Lorraine Adair
Find out Lorraine's  first celebrity crush at 9 yro.

Episode 14 - Shirley Slaughter 
 Find out the book Shirley wished she'd written.

Episode 15 - Danica Cornell
 Find out what Danica said to make Ninja blush.

Episode 16 - Rachel Medhurst
 Find out what song Rachel dances to in the kitchen.

Episode 17 - PS Bartlett
 Find out what brings out PS Bartlett's inner gremlins.

Episode 18 -Kathryn Biel
 Find out why Kathryn chose ninjas over penguins.

Episode 19 - Tamie Dearen
 Find out the kind of interruption Tamie likes.

Episode 20 - Michelle Abbott
 Find out Michelle's 15 mins of fame.

Episode 21 -Harmony Kent
 Find out what bizarre food Harmony has eaten.

Episode 22 - Nicholas C. Rossis
 Find out what's in his fridge!


Episode 23 - Stevie Turner
 Find out if there's particular sadness in lemon cakes.

Episode 24 - Effrosyni Moschoudi
 Find out why it's impossible to have one cookie.

Episode 25 -Jane Yates
 Find out why you need ear plugs when author Jane Yates decompresses.


  1. Very nice Kindle Ninja. You put together quite a collection while eating milk and cookies. Bravo to you!!

  2. I am loving your interviews!! Very awesome! It's so much fun learning more about our Twitter friends and RRBC members. Thank you for doing this. Great way to show support!!