Thursday, 17 March 2016

TIME TO DIE: Frighteningly Devilish

Time To Die by Caroline Mitchell is a chilling read with an interesting cast of characters whose lives intersect; but not always in the best of situations.

I personally like my crime/mystery thriller to be as close to reality as possible. Injecting a paranormal and supernatural twist makes it a little tricky because it could blur the line between what is plausible and what is not. And it’s a question of whether you’re willing to go on board or not.

Well, I’m on board and completely gripped!

DC Jennifer Knight and a team of specialists with extraordinary skills set out to catch a killer who may or may not have supernatural abilities. Given how elusive he is, he could very well be a mystical creature who commits the most unthinkable crimes.

I am impressed at the character dynamics and interaction of the Moonlight Operation squad and fascinated at how they handled the investigation.

This is a brilliantly executed crime thriller with a remarkable main character and an unforgettable villain. ★★★ 5/5

Review copy provided by Bookouture through NetGalley.

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