Episode 8: Conversations over Milk & Cookies - Katie Hayoz

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Welcome to Episode 8 of Conversations over Milk & Cookies hosted by Kindle Ninja.

What is this madness, you ask? 

It's my way of supporting authors and writers from the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB

We interact with them everyday, directly through tweets, or indirectly through re-tweets, but we don't really know much about them. Their personalities really don't shine through in tweets and re-tweets.

In Episodes 1 to 6, some of the Board Members of Rave Reviews Book Club were featured.

Episodes 7 to XXX  feature the non-Board members.

In this episode, I managed to locate Author Katie Hayoz (@katiehayoz) and her secret popcorn stash at a bank vault in Geneva.

Let's get to know Katie in more than 140 words, shall we?

KINDLE NINJA (KN):  Welcome to Conversations over Milk and Cookies. How do you like your cookies? Chewy? Crunchy? Crumbly? Something else?
Crunchy on the outside and gooey in the middle.  If they’re chocolate chip cookies, no need to bake them at all -- I’ll just eat the dough.

Your popcorn addiction is severe. Would we find popcorn in your Swiss bank vault?
You’d find white popcorn.  I can only find yellow here in Switzerland, so if I get white kernels, they’re like gold.

You once dressed up as a giant condom.  I’m afraid to ask...
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

If you were singing in the rain, what song would it be?
Let it Go from the Disney film Frozen.  But then it would be freezing rain.

If you had a tattoo, where would it be?
I’d have a popcorn garland tattooed like a bracelet on my wrist.  

Will you let me see it?
Of course! 

What would you rather be doing now? (instead of answering these questions).
I’m actually  enjoying answering these questions.  But…I’d rather be cashing a 10 million dollar check from a major publisher for my next book.

I’d assume I’m the person you’d want to drink Milk with (since you agreed to this interview), but who’s the person you’d want to have coffee with?
Robert Downey, Jr.  I’d love to sit across from him and stare into his eyes…after that would be my writers’ critiquing group.  Because they are seriously fun to have coffee with, despite the fact they always have something for me to rewrite.

How do you like your coffee?  
Weak and black. But lots of it.

How do you feel about doughnuts without holes?
I love doughnuts.  I love doughnut holes.  Doughnuts without holes works for me as long as they aren’t filled with jelly. Ugh.

I’ve seen your workspace. How many calories do you burn for every chapter you write? (CLICK HERE to know what we're talking about. Workspace #13).
Not as many as I should.  I often get too engrossed in the writing and forget to pedal.  And when I do pedal, I usually have some chocolate which kind of crosses out any calories burned.

What’s the best way to decompress? 
A bowl of popcorn and a good book.

If your book “Untethered” is made into a movie, who do you want to play the main character/s?  
Ha ha ha!  That’s hilarious.  I have no idea.  Just NOT Kristen Stewart.

And who will direct it?  
Steven Spielberg (for the special effects).

What’s the book you wished you’d written? 
The Hunger Games

If you would take a Ninja on a holiday, where would you go? 
I’ve always wanted to go to Malta.  Seems like a nice place for a ninja.

KINDLE NINJA: Malta, it is.

Celebrity / Author / Famous Personality you’d want to go on a date with.
Robert Downey, Jr.  If you can arrange this, I will be forever in your debt.

KINDLE NINJA: Texting him now.

 What’s the book that positively shaped you? 
The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.  It was the first dystopian novel I’d ever read and it really got to me – not just the plot, but the poetry of the writing. I’d be glad to write even a tenth as well as Atwood does.

Describe your book “Untethered” in three words.
Disturbing with depth.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you about life right now?
Hmmm.  In the mornings I’m at a 2 because life is pretty much hell before noon.  After that, I’d say it jumps up to a 7 or 8 depending on how the writing goes.

Nicholas Sparks or Dan Brown? 
Neither melts my butter, but I’ll say Dan Brown.

J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Meyer? 
J.K.Rowling.  That woman can write.
Lastly:  Ninjas or Muggles?
 I’d better say ninjas to get out of this interview unscathed.

KINDLE NINJA: Excellent choice!

Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed the Q&A.

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