Sunday, 12 October 2014

Words Some Authors Will Never Use In Their Book Titles

If you are easily offended by filthy words, pls. stop reading.

You've been warned.

I was reading  a discussion on the “worst words” in the English language that quickly turned into a discussion of the nastiest words used in novels. It became very entertaining fast! 

This gave me an idea for a blog post, but I wanted a little participation from authors and writers in my social media network. So, I asked 60 authors this intriguing question:


Warning: Cannot be unseen.

Click for bigger view. This could blind you.

A word cloud is generated in which the size of the word indicates its frequency (or popularity or importance – or in this case, the level of disgust?).

**The word “THE” should be included but the word cloud maker didn’t include articles.

My thoughts:

-Most of the words are vulgar, filthy, and just plain disgusting. You might need to wash your eyes after reading. And if you said these words out loud, wash your mouth, too.

-There is no shortage of words to refer to male and female private parts. The most vulgar C-word in the English language made it to the list. It should never be uttered out loud, like the V-word (and no, it’s not Voldemort).

-I see one author is not a fan of Sharknado.

-Love, Epic and Awesome – wholesome words, but massively overused

-Most unexpected: Um 

-Even the innocent word Oil becomes ‘sexual’ when read in conjunction with these other words (or that’s just me?)

-Damnation – something that I’d probably get for writing this blog post.

-Bodily fluids in book titles? – yeah, you might need to wash your hands too.

-Why's there so much hate for Moist?  

Super Moist - Does this make you cringe?

See how it quickly turned into a list of (mostly) sex-related words? This may or may not be indicative of the authors’ state of mind. Hah!

Some other things you might be interested to know.

-Most authors asked me “What are you up to?” and “Why?” before answering the question. Perhaps with raised eyebrow.

-Most authors used abbreviations and *** because they weren’t comfortable typing the complete words.

-One author asked me a random question which was better than my question (LOL! I love this author).

-Some authors admitted to saying the first word that came to mind  (this might explain Snake, Spider and Cockroach.

-Some authors provided more than 1 word.

-The response rate is 82%

I’d like to thank the authors who have participated in this (crazy) survey. I promise to do another round in the future.

Join the discussion, let us know that one word worthy of eternal damnation.

Post your comments below.


  1. Haha, love this article. I don't know why other people hate moist, but I have an idea. Maybe they can't bake moist chocolate cakes? Just a thought, lol.

    1. I've always associated moist with cakes lol Now, you guys ruined that for me lol. Thanks for stopping by Dale :)

  2. Replies
    1. ;) It's a word that excites and offends at the same time lol

  3. Great post KN! Hahahaha, love it! I now have a list of words to not use in a title as they may offend... Like cockroach, shark, and member... But ninja?!

    1. lol I added Ninja there to see if someone will notice! Thanks for visiting the page!