Friday, 12 February 2016

To Catch A Rabbit: Not Your Bunny Boiler Thriller

To Catch A Rabbit  by Helen Cadbury

Sean Denton, a dyslexic Community Support Officer is the unlikely hero of this crawling thriller by author Helen Cadbury. He gets his first “case” involving a young woman found dead on his patch. He’s drawn to the case, but given the “handicap” of not being a proper policeman, he does not get the respect of his colleagues. And just like the victim, whose death is immediately written off as a suicide, Sean’s views on the case are easily dismissed. Tough.

But the story does not revolve around just one case. Oh no! It gets complicated when seemingly random events become intricately linked. New characters emerge and personal and professional turmoil ensue. It gets a little muddled when all the other characters compete for the reader’s attention. It momentarily shifts the focus away from Sean just as he’s getting more interesting. Perhaps it’s part of the character progression and just a case of not wanting to give everything away since this is just the first in a series of books.

To Catch A Rabbit is a slow-moving and subdued thriller but reasonably unravels leading to a satisfying conclusion. ★★★ 4/5