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Episode 17 Conversations over Milk & Cookies - PS Bartlett

Welcome to Episode 17 of Conversations over Milk & Cookies hosted by Kindle Ninja.

What is this madness, you ask? 

It's my way of supporting authors and writers from the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB

We interact with them everyday, directly through tweets, or indirectly through re-tweets, but we don't really know much about them. Their personalities really don't shine through in 140 characters.

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In this episode, we feature AUTHOR PS Bartlett (@PSBartlett). She's the author of 'Fireflies' and  'Hope from the Ocean'.

Let's get to know PS in more than 140 characters, shall we?

KINDLE NINJA (KN):  Welcome to Conversations over Milk and Cookies. How do you like your cookies? Chewy? Crunchy? Crumbly? Something else?
How about baked or raw? In which case, my answer would still be yes.

I’d assume I’m the person you’d want to drink Milk with, but who’s the person you’d want to have coffee with?
Without a doubt that person would be my mother. Our best times together were spent drinking coffee, eating bologna sandwiches and watching old black and white movies. She passed away in July of 2009 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. I inherited her immunity to coffee after eight PM. I can drink no less than two cups of strong coffee after eight o’clock at night and sleep like the dead. Come to think of it, I do it every night.

Has your cat Columbus ever eaten your manuscript?
Nope. He has however attempted to eat my laptop and I have photos to prove it—one of which I have included. 


I’ve seen your drawings/paintings. I must say, you’re quite the artist. Can you draw a ninja holding milk and cookies while doing a backflip?

Thank you for the compliment. I accept your challenge. The hard part is finding a ninja willing to pose for this masterpiece. Any takers?

Writers are very interesting people with strange and quirky habits. What is your strange writing habit?

We are? I must be a very boring writer because the craziest thing I do is beg my family for peace and privacy, and no matter what time I sit down to write, nothing and I mean nothing worth reading comes out of my head until after midnight. I can be fed and bathe after midnight but interrupting me may indeed release the gremlins. There have been some days when I have written some worthy words but I was most likely still in my PJ’s and had no clue what time it was.

Seriously though…I just get my coffee, my flash drive, my laptop, get into my comfy clothes and hit the mute button. Then there’s the thing about my hair. It cannot touch my face while I’m writing.

What would you consider as your 15 mins of fame?
I don’t believe I’ve had that yet. I don’t want it either. I’d settle for the next twenty years or so of quiet obscurity surrounded by grandchildren and animals. I just want to write great stories that people love. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about making money because I do but I only want enough to meet my family’s needs. I don’t wear jewelry, I drive a fifteen year old truck and a night out to me is sitting out on our deck under the stars drinking an Irish coffee with my in-laws. Fame is fleeting. I want success.

How important is the choice of character names in your novel  (or any novel for that matter)
When I was pulling my ideas together for Fireflies, choosing the names of the characters was beyond the level of importance because I chose their names based on their meanings. Those name definitions were the foundation upon which I wrote the characters. Not all of my stories are like that but Fireflies is an example of using the actual name meanings to define who the characters will be. 

In the novel I am currently writing, I struggled a bit because I wasn’t sure who one of the main characters (Maddox) would be as a person. Will he be gallant and strong, tough on the outside and mushy on the inside or romantic with a silly streak? I ended with all of the above and I adore him. Maddox means in some translations, "Macho, yet surprisingly elegant" and that’s just scratching the surface. 

The female lead is a bit more complex but since she is the heroine of the story, shouldn’t she be? However, her name denotes the color white; pure, creamy-white color of ivory; or to the hard tusk used for carving fine art and jewelry. She is all of the above and then some. The easy answer is it is incredibly important to me most of the time.

If your novel “Fireflies” would be made into a movie, who do you want to play the main character/s?

Hailee Steinfeld is my absolute LOVE for Teagan.
Saorise Ronan as Liffey
Ewan McGregor as Owen Whelan
Diane Lane as Sarah Whelan
Chord Overstreet as Eli Morgan
? as Ennis

And who will direct the movie?
Spielberg of course. Who else could direct an epic of this magnitude? ;)

How do you feel about doughnuts without holes?
Rebellious things they are! However, if they’re bursting with marshmallow and powdered sugar, rebel on!

What’s the book you wished you’d written?
Gone With the Wind. I don’t know why except for it is a masterpiece of historical fiction and I’d eat it like a banana split if I could.

What’s the book that positively shaped you?
There isn’t one. I’m the result of every book I’ve ever read—even the bad ones. Can I blame them for my mistakes?

What would you rather be doing now? (instead of answering these questions).
I would be either playing with my granddaughters or writing my book. Although stretched out on a catamaran somewhere in St. Thomas with a cold rum punch, lying next to husband as he fans me with a giant palm leaf ranks pretty high. I do however highly recommend Play Dough Magic Ice Cream Swirl and eye strain.

What do you do to decompress?
SLEEP. Laugh. Watch a good movie. Mostly sleep.

If you had a tattoo where would it be?
I do and wouldn’t you like to know where and what it is? Okay I’ll tell you…right shoulder. Superman shield. My name in Kryptonian. Don’t judge me.

What was the last song you heard?
“All of Me” by John Legend. I only moments ago managed to solidify enough to type this. Nothing like a John Legend puddle of lovely.

 Can you sing a line to me?
“You give me aaallllaaallllaaaallllaaallll of youuuuu….”

Which actress would you like to play YOU in the movie version of your life?
Ha! I wouldn’t want to put anyone through this again!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you about life right now?
Right now I’m at about a 7. Things could be better. I’m neither sad nor mad but yeah, it could be better.

Nicholas Sparks or Dan Brown?

J.K. Rowling or Stephenie Meyer?

Ninjas or Pirates?
Pirates but only because I’m up to my eye patch in them in my newest book!

Ninjas rock though ;)

Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed the Q&A.

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  1. Playing with the grandchildren ranks up at the top of my list too.