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Kindle Ninja Review: RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB Edition #8

Kindle Ninja Review Edition #8  featuring The Traveller and Bomber Boy Bomber Boy by Ike Pius ★★★½ Farouk Muttab’s mission to blow up a commercial plane didn’t go as planned, which sets in motion a series of events that has dire consequences to his life, family, and the terrorist group he is connected with. Farouk’s next step is surprising in that it’s uncharacteristic of a terrorist profile, much less of a suicide bomber. He does not quite fall under the category of a religious fanatic nor someone who was brainwashed to do the deed. Such ambiguity makes you question Farouk's real intention. This makes the character even more intriguing and open to different interpretations. Perhaps, it depicts the uncertainty and doubt that men and women in the same situation wrestle with.  The story deals with the sensitive issue of terrorism and how easy it is to switch loyalties when innocent lives are threatened. But more than that, it depicts an internal s


It's my honor to host Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author of the Week: HILARY GROSSMAN Every day we feel so many emotions... Some are wonderful and some not so much. I don’t know about you, but to me, regret is the worst feeling in the world. I think because I hate the feeling so much is the reason I wrote DANGLED CARAT . Deciding to write a memoir about your relationship with a commitment-phobic man isn’t easy.  Especially when you know that you have to bare your heart and your soul, share your inner most feelings, as well as many embarrassing moments. And don’t get me started on the s-e-x scene! I lost my confidence many times as I wrote and traveled down the road to publication.   Many times I thought I would just abandon the idea.  After all it would have been much easier... I wasn’t sure that I wanted everyone, especially the people in my “real life” to know everything I thought, felt and did. But no matter how much easier it would have

Episode 17 Conversations over Milk & Cookies - PS Bartlett

Welcome to Episode 17 of  Conversations over Milk & Cookies  hosted by Kindle Ninja. What is this madness, you ask?  It's my way of supporting authors and writers from the  RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB .  We interact with them everyday, directly through tweets, or indirectly through re-tweets, but we don't really know much about them. Their personalities really don't shine through in 140 characters. All the EPISODES of  Conversations over Milk & Cookies  can be found  HERE .  Or you can just look to your right and you'll find the  Quick Links . In this episode, we feature AUTHOR PS Bartlett ( @ PSBartlett ) . She's the author of ' Fireflies ' and  ' Hope from the Ocean '. Let's get to know PS in more than 140 characters, shall we? KINDLE NINJA (KN):   Welcome to Conversations over Milk and Cookies . How do you like your cookies? Chewy? Crunchy? Crumbly? Something else? How about baked or raw? In which c