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Is the world ready for a deadly Pirate-Ninja Alliance?

A PIRATE-NINJA ALLIANCE?  Is the world ready for a Deadly Pirate-Ninja Alliance?  Is Kindle Ninja having a case of Pirate-envy? Did they really get along?  Read on...   EXT. PORT ROYAL. DAY. The skeletal remains of two pirates clad in their filthy buccaneer garb still hang from the gallows. There’s room for two more. Down below: A snarling brute puts KINDLE NINJA on chokehold. A GUNSHOT . The brute hits the ground. KINDLE NINJA turns around and sees IVORY SHEPARD . IVORY We should stop meeting like this, black-clad warrior. KINDLE NINJA It’s Kindle Ninja, but Kindle won’t be invented until 2007…   BEHIND YOU!!! IVORY ducks. A shuriken hits the would-be assailant right between the eyes. KINDLE NINJA (CONT.)   You're welcome!    IVORY Let’s cut to the chase. Why are you following me? [Continues to fight with a bunch of enemies while having this dialogue] KINDLE NINJA Word