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Episode 28: Conversations Over Milk & Cookies - Madeleine Holly-Rosing

Welcome to Episode 28 of  Conversations over Milk & Cookies  hosted by Kindle Ninja.  Hi, Kindle Ninja here. You know, the ninja who occasionally stalks authors and invites them to Conversations over Milk & Cookies.  What is this madness, you ask? It's my way of supporting  authors & publishers! We interact with them everyday, directly through tweets, or indirectly through re-tweets, but we don't really know much about them. Their personalities really don't shine through in 140 characters.  Here, we'll see the funny side, silly side, dark side, and all other sides that these wonderful authors don't let show.  Today, I'm having a conversation with Madeleine Holly-Rosing , writer and creator of the Boston Metaphysical Society   Web Comic. Madeleine  is  running a  Kickstarter  campaign to print the 6th and final chapter of  Boston Metaphysical Society through November 6th. It's a great chance to get the complete mini-series and cool