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REVIEWS: Kindle Ninja Reads Chick Lit - PART 1

Real Ninjas read Chick Lit. Read the Reviews Part 1 I'M STILL HERE by Kathryn Biel  ★★★ ★ ★ 5/5 Let me start with a warning: Author Kathryn Biel pushes you into the abyss of mental illness and gives you Ho-Hos and Fritos to break your fall. It’s dark. It’s disturbing. It’s depressing. But it’s also hysterical and uproariously funny. If that doesn’t mess with your mind, I don’t know what will. The Comely clan is so dysfunctional, they make the Bluths and the Tenenbaums look so boringly normal. Esther Comely-Cox is quirky in a charming sort of way, but can also be totally unpredictable and can exhibit a combustible personality when provoked. But she is completely disarming. How can a hopelessly flawed character be so likeable? This is a story that touches on the serious issue of mental illness. And when it is correlated with dysfunctionality and parental neglect, it can become downright unsettling. But the author has injected a healthy dose of wi