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The Kindle Ninja Blitzkrieg Reviews

First of all, welcome to my blog. I'm Kindle Ninja ( @kindleninja on Twitter). I review books in Amazon and have reached an acceptable ranking to be considered a "helpful" reviewer. I support indie authors that's why I spend my time scouring the Kindle Store for up and coming authors. I'm usually hanging out at the Free and 99 cents department. When funds allow, I splurge and buy promising titles that are priced beyond my $9.99 limit (ninjas have limited funds, you know). My reviews in this blog are short because most people on the internet have the attention span of Dory (about 5 seconds). Here's the first batch of the books I've read in a 2-month period, with their corresponding Ninja Stars. Links to the Amazon product page are provided so you can download or buy if you fancy them. 1.  A Myth To The Night by Cora Choi 4 / 5   ★★★★ Hugh Fogg returns as a phantom  after being killed in a massacre in 1615. A young adult fantasy-paranormal h