This conversation may or may not have happened: a.k.a. Kindle Ninja's Top 10 Books 2014

No Snobby Reader was hurt in this conversation.
SNOBBY READER: What are you smiling about?

KINDLE NINJA: Just finished my list of top 10 books for the year.

SNOBBY READER: Let me guess, 9 of 10 are crime and mystery books by Koontz, Patterson, Lehane, and Brown, and one token outlier, possibly a memoir.

KINDLE NINJA: Hah! Not even close. These are mostly indie books. Here, have a look - from #10 to #1.

SNOBBY READER: Ah, obscure titles, from unknown authors.

KINDLE NINJA: Is that disdain I detect?

SNOBBY READER: You know how I feel about crappy books.

KINDLE NINJA: There will always be crappy books, indie or not.

SNOBBY READER: I read books that challenge the mind.

KINDLE NINJA: Calculus books do that, but they’re no fun. You should try to read books outside of your preferred genre. Meet obscure authors. Mingle with the commoners, your Highness.

SNOBBY READER: They don’t measure up to the Classics or the Nobel winners. I take pleasure in reading more serious works of literary art.

KINDLE NINJA: As opposed to?

SNOBBY READER: Oh, you know, those soppy young adult books that contribute nothing to literature.

KINDLE NINJA: Well, that’s just too bad. Seven of my top 10 are YA. 

SNOBBY READER: That’s quite the departure from your reading norm…

KINDLE NINJA: I know and it’s great!

SNOBBY READER:  So what are they about? Oh wait, let me guess…Wizards? Demi-gods? Muggles? Cheesy teens?

KINDLE NINJA: Young carers, astral travelers, gangsters, troubled teens…

[Click on the covers to view the Amazon pages.]

SNOBBY READER: Well, at least there are no aliens, elves, and pirates.

KINDLE NINJA: That’s not entirely accurate.

SNOBBY READER: What next? Chicklit?

KINDLE NINJA: That’s #6. 


SNOBBY READER: Oh dear. You've completely gone mad! You really turned your back on your genre.

KINDLE NINJA: Not at all. This one's right up my reading alley. I just added more variety. It’s called branching out. You should try it.

SNOBBY READER: I’ll stick to what I know.

KINDLE NINJA: You’re missing out on a good thing. 


The TOP 10

1. Bring Me Sunshine (Wendy Storer)

2. Ambient Light (Lorraine Adair)

3. Where Bluebirds Fly (Wendy Storer)

4. Hearts & Arrows (Kate Hanney)

5. Untethered (Katie Hayoz)

6. I'm Still Here (Kathryn Biel)

7. Now You See Me (Emma Haughton)

8. Curse (Dale Furse)

9. Titanian Chronicles: Journey of Destiny (Leisl Kaberry)

10. The Blue Diamond: The Razor's Edge (P.S. Bartlett)

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1. Bring Me Sunshine' by Wendy Storer and 'Untethered' by Katie Hayoz are finalists in the Mslexia Children’s Novel Award 2013.
2. 'Titanian Chronicles: Journey of Destiny' by Leisl Kaberry is a Reader's Crown Winner 2014 - Fantasy category.
3. 'Now You See Me' by Emma Haughton is published by Usborne. Not an indie book. 
4. I read over 60 books in 2014. Not a lot, but that's 50 more than what I read in 2013. So it's a lot for me.
5. These are the books that  I enjoyed reading. #1 'Bring Me Sunshine' made an impact on me; it certainly hit close to home.
6. Books are published between 2013-2014.
7. My reviews can be found here.

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