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CRIME FICTION dominated my 2015 reading list that I swear I could see blood dripping from my reading device. I read fewer books in 2015, but 5 of them were books that blew me away, gave me tremendous enjoyment, and entertained me to the hilt.   Here they are: The authors of these 5 books have masterfully depicted mystery, intrigue, and suspense in equal measure that they've created incredible stories that trigger an emotional response either because of what a character did or a situation that pushed the character over the edge. As a reader, this just fires me up. UNTOUCHABLE  by Ava Marsh is an extremely addictive read. It's sexually charged and provocative with a remarkable protagonist in Stella/Grace. It's a story that transports the reader to the dangerous world of high-end escort service. We become privy to the unspoken rules and to the dirty little secrets of powerful men and the women who are embroiled in the fatal game of sex, lies,