Tuesday, 5 January 2016


CRIME FICTION dominated my 2015 reading list that I swear I could see blood dripping from my reading device.

I read fewer books in 2015, but 5 of them were books that blew me away, gave me tremendous enjoyment, and entertained me to the hilt.  

Here they are:

The authors of these 5 books have masterfully depicted mystery, intrigue, and suspense in equal measure that they've created incredible stories that trigger an emotional response either because of what a character did or a situation that pushed the character over the edge. As a reader, this just fires me up.

UNTOUCHABLE by Ava Marsh is an extremely addictive read. It's sexually charged and provocative with a remarkable protagonist in Stella/Grace. It's a story that transports the reader to the dangerous world of high-end escort service. We become privy to the unspoken rules and to the dirty little secrets of powerful men and the women who are embroiled in the fatal game of sex, lies, and deceit. 

It's brilliant in execution and author Ava Marsh created a character and a situation that make for an incredible reading experience. (read my review)

THE GIRL WHO BROKE THE RULES by Marnie Riches made me feel so conflicted. How can I Iike the story so much, but had trouble liking the main character George McKenzie? But you know what? Characters don't have to be likable (yes we'll argue about this later). It's a gripping thriller with emotional undercurrent. All the elements I love in a crime thriller are masterfully depicted against the backdrop of the seedy underbelly of Amsterdam. The suspense is relentless and the characters are unyielding. It's a twisty macabre tale, so hold on to your body parts! (read my review)

DEMONS & PEARLS by P.S. Bartlett is a pulse-pounding, beard-curling, action-packed pirate story that brings to the fore controversial issues with tremendous passion. There's one scene in this book that reminded me of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Yes, it's that good. It's violent, it's dramatic, and it's cinematic. 

It's an electrifying story of love, murder, revenge, and survival - not necessarily in that order. (read my review)

THE WINGED TURBAN by Joshua Grasso. My official review is not yet available because it will be part of the "Two reviewers, one book" segment.

But let me tell you this. I find this an intelligent, humorous and highly entertaining fantasy story. This is the kind of story you'd want to read because the author has such a way with words. You just get lost in the beauty of the narrative. It's a bit cerebral yet it's amusing. Absolutely engaging.

IMMERSED by Katie Hayoz is steampunk wrapped in bacon. There's no other way to tell you how good this steampunk novella is. There's a new badass heroine in 1850s Chicago and she's not to be messed with. Melusine DorĂ© slays monsters and beasts for a living and does so without breaking a sweat. The rough and tough exterior conceals a past that defines her present. She’s unbreakable. Or is she? 

Author Katie Hayoz has this incredible knack for perfectly timed plot twist. She knows when to tease and when to astonish. Simply brilliant. (read my review)


There you have it, my top 5 books for 2015. If you want to start 2016 right, I suggest you get copies of these books. They are incredibly good and highly enjoyable.

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