Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Girl Who Broke The Rules: Dark, Twisty, and Relentless

Let me explain.

All the elements I love in a crime thriller are masterfully depicted against the backdrop of the seedy underbelly of Amsterdam.

The suspense is relentless; the characters unyielding.

Shifting timelines and switching points of view offer reprieve from the most gruesome depiction of madness and perversion.

The feverish storytelling never lets up and the palpable sense of danger and menace lingers like a shadow with a scythe.

Then there’s Georgina McKenzie. George. The feisty and sometimes irreverent heroine who brings emotional turmoil to an already besieged Chief Inspector Paul van den Bergen, who’s at his breaking point.

For a heroine, she’s not all that likeable. Therein lies the rub. It’s difficult to reconcile the fact that I love this sequel so much, but have a hard time “liking” George. But liking a main character is never a rule to enjoying a twisted macabre tale. If it were, I certainly broke it (ha! See what I did there?)

Likeable or not, George is a compelling character that not only adds intrigue to an already twisted story, but also thrusts readers into a literary quandary: “Does a character have to be likeable?”

Combining a dark, twisty plot with skillful writing makes The Girl Who Broke The Rules an absolutely gripping thriller! ★★★ 5/5 

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