Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Closed Off To You: Sexy. Naughty. Dirty.

After binge-reading on crime fiction for the past several weeks, I needed a change because I’m starting to look at my work mates as serial killers plotting their next kill.

So, this particular book is free on Amazon. It’s written by the same author whose YA books I have read in the past. Only this time, she uses a pen name.

Closed Off To You by Rachel S. Rose is categorised as Women’s Fiction and Inspirational. So, yeah, I could use some inspirational reading to take my mind off the blood and gore of crime fiction. So I dive in.

The first chapter has a Chick Lit vibe to it and it’s hilarious! It had me in stitches the entire chapter. Melissa is such an endearing character from the get go. She’s funny, self-deprecating, and exciting in a blundering kind of way.


Then the story takes a sexy turn.

The funny bits turn to naughty to very naughty to full on dirty.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

My jaw dropped to the filthy floor.

I’m not complaining (ha!). I just didn’t plan on reading an erotic story while on board the commuter train early in the morning.

Took my mind off crime fiction all right.

But if you take away those steamy scenes, you’ll find a legitimate storyline with funny characters and snappy dialogues. And singing. And dancing. And more sex.  3.5/5

*Folks, this is the danger of not reading the blurb in its entirety. You could miss some important advisory about the nature of the content. 

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I just downloaded a copy.