Sunday, 18 September 2016

See How They Run: Convincingly Evil

See How They Run by Tom Bale is what happens when regular folks get mixed up with a network of criminals so vicious, they wouldn’t think twice of committing a violent act if it suits their needs (or save their necks).

Who would want to be in this kind of predicament? No one!

But Harry and Alice French find themselves in such a sticky situation and they take the reader along with them. Just imagine the stress and exhaustion of being thrown into a bloody mess.

Oh, by the way, there’s a baby tagging along.

Crazy, huh?

Though Harry and Alice are characters you’d easily empathise with, it’s the wicked bad guys that shine through. They are all convincingly evil! They are the kind of people you pray you don’t cross paths with in your lifetime.

Although this a gripping story with non-stop action (physical and emotional), I feel that the writer held back on the resolution. It went to “safe” territory after treating the reader to one shocking event to another.

Overall, See How They Run is a proper thriller that exhausts you into surrender. Don’t fight it.  ★★★ 4/5  

*Review copy provided by publisher Bookouture through NetGalley.