Sunday, 24 April 2016

Boston Metaphysical Society PRELUDE: Top-notch Steampunk!

Boston Metaphysical Society: PRELUDE is a collection of short stories that have very important links to the Boston Metaphysical Society web comics. Written by Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Prelude is a cross between an origin story and a supplementary reading that makes the Boston Metaphysical Society universe far more intriguing.

The alternate history of Boston Metaphysical Society is every bit entertaining. Ghosts, demons, supernatural beings and prominent Families that vie for ultimate economic and political control – what’s not to like?

It's a rarity to like every story in a collection, but I love them all - all seven of them. While it’s not really a requirement to read the web comics series, I would have to say that the impact of the short stories would be more pronounced if the reader has read the Boston Metaphysical Society comics. The secrets and revelations in the stories have a greater impact if one is familiar with the alternate world so cleverly created. 

While this is primarily a steampunk collection, it crosses genres that make the whole of Boston Metaphysical Society greater than the sum of its parts.   ★★★ 5/5

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