Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Quick Reviews: Dragons, Zombies and Rippers

Jack The Ripper At Last? by Helena Wojtczak  
 5 / 5  ★★★★★
This book provides compelling arguments to prove that George Chapman is indeed Jack the Ripper. The depth of research and scrutiny of the pieces of evidence are simply astonishing. The book debunks myths and raises theories and arguments that are so convincing, you'd readily cross out other suspects in your list. Yes, I'm talking to you Ripperologists.

The Risen: Dawning Anniversary Edition by Marie F. Crow

3 / 5  ★★★
Zombies, bikers, and bears in post-apocalyptic world. It sure conjures up action-packed battle scenes with mindless undead hellbent on killing whatever's left in the populace. Unfortunately, the writer takes her sweet time in describing every detail that before you get to the fun part, you're lost in the sea of wordiness. Don't get me wrong, the writer is a skilled wordsmith, but I felt that such verbose writing does not fit the genre. 

Serpents of Sky: Nine Stories of Dragon by Heidi C. Vlach
  4 / 5  ★★★★
These are fantastic short stories about dragons and creatures that resemble them but are not quite like them. Don't expect fire-breathing dragons perched high up in their dwelling because several stories are in contemporary setting. The writer's love of dragons shines through in her snappy writing style. The Stories of Aligare introduced hybrid creatures that are interesting and likeable.

The next set of reviews will be books written by authors who are also members of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB. Wait for it...

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