Sunday, 6 April 2014

Quick Review: Sugarcoatin' is For Candy & Pacifyin' is For Kids

While I was reading Nonnie Jules’ “Sugarcoatin’ is for Candy and Pacifyin’ is For Kids”, I felt like a child being schooled. And boy was I schooled good. The funny thing is I am not guilty of the Twitter (or social media) transgressions mentioned in the book. If anything, I am the poster child of good Twitter manners and right conduct.

Then why do I feel guilty of breaking some unspoken rules of social media usage? Because it’s brutally honest and I was just being sympathetic to those at the receiving end. They should be cowering by now.

I agree with many points raised in the book and I’m a little on the fence on some issues. If something’s gotta be said, somebody’s gotta have the guts to say it. And that somebody is Nonnie. Her no-nonsense approach can get to you and get to you it will. 

Sugarcoatin’ is for Candy and Pacifyin’ is For Kids” 5 / 5 ★★★★★

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