Tuesday, 8 March 2016

FOLLOW ME: When Twitter Kills


How can you resist such a killer tagline?

There’s a disturbance in Twitterverse and the person goes by the name @Apollyon. A faceless and seemingly harmless entity has gained notoriety when the “Following” count becomes a tally of victims. The elusive suspect becomes a viral twitter sensation  the police scramble to identify, but fail miserably.

Enter Freddie Venton, the spunky but down on her luck wannabe journalist who’s been waiting for the right break to come. The opportunity presents itself when she reconnects (fortuitously) with an old friend Nasreen Cudmore, now a police officer.

Using an underhanded tactic, Freddie gets to her first crime scene and becomes involved in it when the police hires her as a consultant because of her social media “expertise”.

While this is an entertaining read for its unique plot, it’s hard to ignore how ridiculously inept the police are. And this hurts the story quite a bit.

But there’s still a lot of things to like in this story that it still stands out. The Freddie and Naseer side story gives the right amount of drama, while the main story progresses at a thrilling pace.

Follow Me will appeal to thriller junkies who crave for a clever and inventive murder mystery. ★★★ 4/5

*Review copy provided by NetGalley

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