Tuesday, 3 November 2015


DEAD EYED by Matt Brolly

A serial killer from the past appears to have resurfaced after an 18-year hiatus. Such premise presents questions upon questions that even DCI Michael Lambert could not answer. If this guy was a weapon, he’d be a standard issue. Nothing special; just your ordinary detective chief inspector preoccupied by painful memories of his daughter’s death. And trying desperately to keep it together.

But when the case unravels bit by bit, so does Lambert. And this is where the story pulls you in.

In oculis animus habitat.

The trademark engraving that the “Souljacker” leaves on the victims’ chests tells of a gruesome yet skilful killing. It’s so horrific, it’s not human.

This is a cleverly plotted crime thriller with storytelling flair that makes you feel a bit of involvement in the investigation. Did the Souljacker re-emerge or there’s a copycat on the loose?  Will the real Souljacker please stand up?

It triggers speculations and guesses, but the writer is always ahead of the game. So, this I say to you: Guess again.   ★★★ 4/5

**Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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