Sunday, 20 September 2015

Nonlocal Science Fiction Issue 1: Not short on entertainment

Reviewing a collection of short stories is always tricky; more so if they are written by different authors. The chance of liking all the stories is slim, though not impossible. There’s probably 2 to 3 remarkable stories and a few mediocre ones, and the rest, forgettable.

I believe this one was done right.

Nonlocal Science Fiction Issue #1 is a 10-story strong collection that’s perhaps the closest you’ll get to having that “dream” sci-fi short story anthology. It’s evident that it had gone through a stringent selection process. The stories are a wonderful mix of hardcore sci-fi, old-school, offbeat, edgy, and weirdly good speculative fiction.

Though my personal favorite is Shoot The Devil by Nicholas Rossis, I enjoyed reading the other stories. It’s one of those collections where the good stories outnumber the not-so-good ones. It’s a fantastic start with a lot of  sci-fi promise. ★★★ 4/5 


In January 2015, I had a conversation over milk & cookies with author and publisher Daniel J. Dombrowski of 33rd Street Press. He was then running a Kickstarter campaign for the Nonlocal Science Fiction Magazine. It was a successful campaign and I ended up with a free copy of the magazine (thanks, Dan!). Fast forward to September 2015, the magazine is now on its third issue! I'm playing catch up, but the reviews will come.

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