Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Kindle Ninja Review: RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB Edition #4

Kindle Ninja Review Edition #4  featuring Ambient Light by Lorraine Adair

Ambient Light is Rave Reviews Book Club's 'Current Read' (for 8 days before May)

'Ambient Light' by Lorraine Adair
5 / 5 ★★★★

Setting aside the steamy, yet implicit scenes for a bit (I’ll get back to this later), Ambient Light has all the elements of a good suspense-thriller, reminiscent of James Patterson’s books in the 1990s (Kiss the Girls immediately springs to mind). This is not to say there was any attempt to duplicate them; it just has a similar feel and setup, which I like very much.

Angel McKenzie is every bit the strong female character that I immediately developed a liking to early in the story. Little flaws here and there just add to the likeability factor. It’s a stark contrast to the main guy, Jason Dalton, whose character has less depth than I would’ve wanted for a detective with an emotional baggage. The other guy, Angel’s assistant,  David Santoro, comes across as the token BFF who had more fashion than sense.

Put them together and let them simmer in conflict, and you’ve got the perfect love triangle of sorts. Add the deranged and perhaps the creepiest perpetrator in the mix, and it all comes together in one thrill ride.

Author Lorraine Adair shifts points of view between characters. This has always been a point of contention among reviewers and readers. I personally think that Adair pulled this one off because the shifts take you to a different perspective of the same event, which adds another layer of tension.

And about the steamy  but not explicit love scenes. How much is just enough? If this book is marketed primarily as a romantic suspense novel, then I say there’s plenty of the steamy romance going on. Perhaps more than I would’ve wanted for a mystery-thriller book. But I’m not really complaining. 

Lorraine Adair is a member of Rave Reviews Book Club.

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